Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Flower

Dahlia, perhaps? I don't know for sure. But here it is after the first 600 or 700 picks:

The view above (taken late yesterday) shows my snazzy new lower hem, which has a graduated range of values across the width, with the lightest/brightest value where the signature goes.

Here is the flower with image completed, and the top hem woven:

There was a major halt to production somewhere in the middle of the piece while DH helped me sort out a problem with the loom, in which the cables that move the upper knife and lower knife into the (hopefully) right positions so that hooks are grabbed (or not, as appropriate) by the upper knife when it's time to open the next shed, well, um, they lost their grip on reality. The result was that the rearmost hooks on modules 7 and 8 sat too low to be able to catch a ride on the upper knife when it opens the shed. A little work, and a little swearing, and things are back the way they should be. Weaving is now progressing accurately. Thank heavens for in-house engineers!

By the end of the day, I was setting out cones in anticipation of the next piece, which is an image of bright orange tulips with deeper red at the base of the bloom. I chose the slightly darker orange cotton and the slightly darker yellow-green Tencel to combine with the infamous bright red rayon. All are the same size (20/2) and ready to go to work tomorrow morning.

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neki desu said...

wow!!amazed at how active you've been.and how lucky you are to have a resident engineer.