Monday, January 10, 2011

Gilding the Lily

In reverse order; here's the top part:

And the middle part:

And the bottom part:

Sorry about the color. There was sun in the sky when I started weaving, then the sun fell below the hill behind the studio, then it got dark... Which means that the fluorescent lamp over the loom had more and more influence over the apparent white balance seen by the camera. I tried using the flash, but it just washed out the colors.


Teresa Ruch said...

I like. Cann't wait to see them in real time.

neki desu said...

may i suggest photoshop? perhaps you already know this:
image/adjust/photo filter
there are 2 for cooling the colors and 2 for warming up the colors. adjust as needed to get true color.

i have converted tugsten totally yellow light to daylight:)