Friday, January 14, 2011

And Now For Something Different...

at least, on a different part of the color wheel, here's "moonlight in the panda's garden:"

This is part 1 of a test. In this piece, there are 2 wefts, a bright lemon yellow and a light-medium green (with lots of yellow in it). I want to weave another copy with 3 wefts, using a bright yellow-green, a medium green and a medium-dark green. It will be very instructive to see what the perceived differences are.

And on the color front, the dyepots gave me these skeins:

On the lower left, a skein that started as white Tencel, dyed to what I hoped would be a very pale gold. Not pale enough. It's a nice color, and I'll use it, but I need to do another try to get a less-saturated gold (maybe with some beige in it?). The other two started as wind-offs from the infamous bubblegum pink cone of rayon. I wanted an orchid pink and a sort-of-salmon orange, which I got. It's nice when that happens, but less easy to predict when you start with a not-white yarn.

BTW, I've posted a couple of new things on the sales blog (see them here).

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