Monday, January 31, 2011

Vines and Leaves

The local newspaper publishes a wine-related magazine a couple of times a year. They're asking artists to submit artwork to be featured on the cover of the magazine this year. So, I've been looking through the photos I took at a local vineyard last spring, images of vines with new shoots just starting to appear.

Here's one image, after some cropping and manipulation, then indexing to 11 colors:

I'm weaving with wefts of green, beige, and medium tan.

The magazine editors want artwork that can be easily resized to fit their page layout (8.25 by 10.5 inches, which is a 1-to-1.27 ratio) so I had to do some "reshaping" in Photoshop to come up with something that after wet finishing should be the right proportions.

If this one doesn't make the cut as cover art, I'll offer it to the winery owner first, then to the general public. As this is a major wine-growing region, there ought to be a market for wine-related art, right?

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neki desu said...

very smart!