Monday, January 03, 2011

Z is for Zinnia

Next up on the jacquard loom is a close-up of a zinnia. This is turning out to be a series of close-up flower portraits! Must be a Georgia O'Keefe period in my design life.....

The structure is the same as on the previous piece - 9-end shaded satin with 3 wefts (in this case, scarlet, fuchsia, and yellow-gold), AKA weft-backed satin.

Actually, since the first 20/2 cotton warp I've put on this loom, I've only woven this type of structure. If it's 2 wefts, I use 8-end shaded satins, and if it's 3 wefts, I use 9-end shaded satins. Mostly because with 3 wefts, the 9-end satins pack in better so there's relatively more weft showing than warp, thus more intense colors.

I've sampled (ooooh, dirty word!) a few other structures, but keep going back to these two. "Help! I've fallen in the well and can't get out!" But it's a good well to be in. I'm happy here.


Laura Fry said...

Know what you mean about the well. :) I'm about to drag myself out of one and look for something new for the new year. :D


DebbieB said...

That well certainly produces beautiful things. :)