Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Zinnia, Again

Today I reached the end of the zinnia just about lunchtime. The photo below was taken a few inches before that.

You'll be seeing plenty of red on the loom in the future. See the big cone in the top center of the photo? That's over 6 pounds of tomato-red rayon, sitting on the floor on the far side of the loom. I can always wind off skeins and nudge the color one way or another by overdyeing, but still, it's a lot of red.

I'll have to find a way to use it for scarves, or for yardage (although I don't wear a lot of bright red). Or wind off skeins for sale... or???


Laura Fry said...

Or weave a whole lotta red - let's see - roses, tulips, sweet williams, fireweed.......

Sandra Rude said...

Let's see... The typical piece is 3-weft shaded satins, maybe 1500 picks tall. Multiply by .33 and at a whopping 18.8 inches wide, that's a pitifully small amount of red yarn (~260 yards, if my math is correct). No, I think some yardage or a seriously large project is called for! And, I have several cones of various colors to use up. Fortunately, the price was very right!