Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Up to the Knees

My in-laws are celebrating their 60th anniversary this Spring, and I'm weaving their wedding portrait as an anniversary gift. The photo was not posed; the happy couple is walking back up the aisle, holding hands, with smiles on their faces. I thought it was a charming photo, and would make a good weaving. This is the original image, after some retouching to restore areas damaged over the years, some fiddling with contrast, then indexing to 9 shades of grey:

This afternoon, after more ladder holding (but no more acorn savings accounts discovered), I got back to the loom. (Hmmm...Ballast. Now there's a job description!) As of dinner time, I'd gotten just about to the knees:

The structure is 10-end shaded satins, with a weft of white Tencel on the black cotton warp.

I hope they like it.


Laura Fry said...

What a thoughtful gift. Best wishes to them.

neki desu said...

charming photo. and they'll love the weaving!