Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This and a Mug of Hot Chocolate...

..will keep you warm. Especially if you use Tien's only-somewhat-decadent version of hot chocolate, which is guaranteed to cure all ills.

I've got a deadline of Friday, April 1, to enter some pieces in an exhibit in Thousand Oaks, CA, entitled "Elements: Art of the Earth, Wind, Fire, and Sea." With that theme in mind, I wove this image today:

Like I say, who needs a fireplace when you could hang this on your wall?

About the time I finished this piece, there was a good view of most (but not all) of Cally's "Ice & Reflections" image down below the loom:

I've rotated the image so it is oriented as it will be hung. Remember that the lighting down there under the loom isn't optimum for viewing, but this gives at least an impression of the piece. Click to enlarge; I wish the pale gold showed up as much in the photos as it does in real life...

I figure that snow and ice are elements, too, and this will definitely be one of my entries in the exhibit.

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neki desu said...

cally's image weaving is zen beautiful.really envying your chocolate :)