Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flowers, Real and Virtual

Much of today was spent in the annual endeavor called "planting the hanging baskets and decorative pots." This one has petunias and lobelia alternating around the outside, and snapdragons in the middle.

We have *lots* of flower pots and hanging baskets to liven up the courtyard and patio areas, because those are the primary eye-level planting areas. The slopes on two sides of the house aren't very visible from inside the house, so the pots and baskets are what we enjoy from indoors.

After potting various plants into 8 pots or baskets, I felt a need to work on some woven flora. The dahlia image is one I've woven before, but the first results did not make me happy; I'm hoping this second version is more satisfying.

I should know in a few more inches of weaving if the color combination (yellow, cantaloupe, and salmon) does what I hope it will.

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