Tuesday, May 03, 2011

First Scarf is Woven

It's ready to have its fringe twisted, and wet-finishing accomplished. Those are the tasks lined up for tomorrow, along with taking some digital photos to include with the entry form, which is due (online) on Friday.

Until then, the scarf is cut off the loom, and waiting on my fringing stand.


Deb Mc said...

Love the fringing stand!

Anonymous said...

And just a tantalising glimpse of those zingy green stripes... They look luscious.

neki desu said...

no doubt you've got the best equipment.i'm sure your husband could sell the plans.
and that green looks springy lovely .

Christine Spangler said...

Looks like you solved that tension/weft differential uptake problem 100%.

Ruth said...

Wah! I want a fringing stand!