Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scarf #3 in Progress

After considerable thought, and a brief discussion with Deb via the comments on a previous post (which you can see here), I decided to go with the "increasing dots-n-dashes" method. I began the scarf with blocks of alternating layers of satin: 40 picks of blue on top, 40 picks of green on top, etc. After weaving this for 4 repeats, I changed the treadling to 60 picks of blue on top and 60 picks of green on top, for 4 repeats. Then 80 of each, 4 times. Then 120 of each, 4 times. And so on...

At the point I took the photo above, I had woven the 40-pick blocks and had just begun the 60-pick blocks.

By the time I reached the middle of the scarf, the blocks had grown to 300 picks each. By the time I reach the end of the scarf, they'll be *really* long. We'll all have to wait to find out just how long they are, because tomorrow is a Designing Weavers meeting in LA, so I won't be back at the loom until Thursday at the earliest.

In any case, I don't want to finish too quickly - we have friends coming over on Saturday who have requested a studio tour, so I need to have something to demonstrate on both looms.


Deb Mc said...

asymmetry rules in all my rugs! why not take it to scarves! Really love the contrast in the stripes, even the blue on blue is lovely.

neki desu said...

i'm with you symmetry is grossly overrated . this scarf is just too cool.