Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wonderful News, and a New Jacquard Weaving

Today I received word that one of the pieces I entered in the Elements exhibit in Thousand Oaks won a 2nd place award! My thanks to the juror, Michael Monroe (formerly Chief Curator of the Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA, and before that the Curator-in-Charge of the Smithsonian Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery). Also, a huge debt of thanks is due to Cally Booker, whose photograph inspired the weaving.

This award actually has some cash value - $100! Whoopee! That'll pay for some more yarn! DH was curious why my piece was in the "mixed media" category. Well, probably because this is an Art exhibit, and the folks who sponsor Art exhibits don't know what weaving is all about, so there isn't often a "Fiber" category. No matter. This is the first time I've gotten any recognition in an Art exhibit, so I'm happy. No, actually, I'm delighted.

In the meantime, back down to earth, I've been working on this image of a Bird of Paradise plant blooming in my in-laws' garden:


Laura Fry said...



neki desu said...

and more yarns!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Congratulations!! And what a great lesson for those art exhibition organisers :-)

Alice said...

Congratulations! Weaving as art? What a novel idea :-)

Christine Spangler said...

Yes, congratulations. And the new "Birds" are looking mighty intriguing.

Teresa Ruch said...

Congrats!!! I hope it leads to more cognization.

Deb Mc said...

Congratulations! The category dilemma brought back memories of when I had my weaving studio at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts. It always made me chuckle when the other artists brought their friends down and said "look! we have a weaver!" I had to work with them mightily to have a podium to exhibit my rugs on and sometimes yielded to their desire to hang work on the wall. A reminder that we do have different points of view! Deb Mc