Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bayou Backwater

Today's weaving is based on a photo I took once upon a long time ago, while driving cross-country with my sister after I got out of college. That would be 1967 or so... We were on back roads somewhere in Arkansas or Louisiana.

This is the original photo, indexed to 11 hues (some grey, some gold, some deep blue-violet):

And the weaving:

I've got enough warp left for one more piece - this one will be for my cousin, with whom we'll stay when I exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum ArtsFair on July 29, 30, and 31. Over the next few days, you'll see photos of the piece I'm going to weave for him.

So, BTW, if you're in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, please come say hello in late July! I'll have a lot of new jacquard weavings in the booth.


Laura Fry said...

Enjoy your stay at Bellevue. Seattle has some great museums and lovely sites to visit.

Sandra Rude said...

I wish it would be possible to spend some time taking in the museum scene - but we'll be mostly focusing on the show and on family (I've got a lot of cousins in the Portland/Seattle zone).

Laura Fry said...

Know what you mean - I'm usually too busy to visit any myself. :(

Good luck at the show!

Connie Rose said...

Beautiful weaving, Sandra. Good luck in Bellevue!