Monday, June 20, 2011


Today I'm working with an image that I wove once back in January (you can see the original image and the first part of the first version here) but wasn't happy with the colors I had chosen. In version 1, the tan was too dark and the green wasn't bright/vivid enough, and the design just didn't have any punch.

Version 2 has a lighter tan and a bright emerald green, and I've substituted light grey for the light beige in V1. Here's the first 40% of the weaving:

And the next 40%:

I'm liking this one much more than V1. Tomorrow I'll weave the last 20%, and then figure out just how much yardage is left on this warp. I'm getting close enough to the end that I can see the apron knots through what's left on the beam.

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