Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Crepe and Satin

In the rush to get packed, I almost neglected to photograph the latest version of the double-faced satin and crepe stripe scarf. Here's the beauty shot:

The blocks start small, and grow gradually until by the other end of the scarf, they're *really* long.

This is a scan I made before wet-finishing. Click the thumbnail to display the larger version.

How's that for reed marks ?!? It's impossible to make out the crepe structure at this stage. But after finishing, the crepe has relaxed into its true form (be sure to click to see the larger version):

And the satin stripes show the distortion and deflection that you'd expect with really long floats. There's plenty of room for the warps to wiggle and bend, even more so at the end with the longer blocks.

p.s. The crepe, by the way, is Oelsner #840.


Connie Rose said...

What a beautiful piece, Sandra. I love that iridescence!

Alice said...

It finished up beautifully. Hooray for loom-controlled effects.