Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Anniversary Gift

During the show in Santa Monica, we stayed at DH's parents' home. You may remember that I wove their wedding photo as a gift for their 60th anniversary, which was celebrated last month. They loved the weaving, and it is now happily ensconced on their living room wall:

I apologize for the image quality - I didn't have a camera with me, and my phone doesn't take anything except crappy pictures!

As for the show itself, it was neither good nor bad. Fair to middling, maybe.

DH did reasonably well with his woodturning, but textiles weren't on anybody's list. I sold 2 inexpensive hand knitted scarves, and only one handwoven scarf. No wall pieces. The things DH makes are in the right price range - from $15 to $150. Except for the little hand knit scarves, mine are too expensive for the average craft-show-attendee's budget.

The application for the upcoming season of shows put on by this organizer are due at the end of the week, and we're going to think long and hard before applying. It's time for a new business plan!


Anonymous said...

The wall hanging is fantastic, what a thoughtful gift! How lucky your inlaws have you for a daughter in law! Nice work

Connie Rose said...

I always thought Roy's shows were overrated, but admittedly based on my poor experiences over three of them. Sorry it didn't meet your expectations this time. You never know. The whole gamble is so dicey, especially nowadays.

Sandra Rude said...

Roy's were good shows when we started exhibiting there. However, it's gone downhill. There's one long-time garment seller who has bragged about how she buys seconds in Italy by the pound, then hires [underpaid] seamstresses to remove the mfr's label and put hers in, and to repair whatever made them "seconds." The rules say "no buy and sell" but it doesn't prevent this sort of abuse.

Anonymous said...

What a shame about the show. As a visitor, my favourite shows are the ones that cover a broad price range: I can enjoy them whether I have a lot or a little to spend. If there are only high-priced items then over a year or two I find they become too rarified for me, but if everything is cheap "assembled" craft then there is nothing of interest. We were at PotFest last weekend - all ceramics, but a huge range of work and of price points, so something for everyone. I just wish we had a textile equivalent!