Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Gone!

The jacquard loom's control box, that is. I'm left with the loom and its computer and a tangle of cabling.

DH de-cabled the control box today, and got it ready to pack up in the van. We're driving to AVL in Chico, CA, to pick up four additional jacquard modules. Adding modules means the system will need more power, so the AVL techs will install another power supply in the control box, plus the connectors for the additional power and data cables, plus a few more parts to support the additional modules.

Tomorrow, we'll drive to Petaluma, at the north end of the San Francisco Bay, and stay overnight with my sister. Wednesday morning we'll head east to Chico, then drive home late in the evening. So, unless there's something dramatic and newsworthy in either Petaluma or Chico, you won't hear from me for a couple of days. Then DH will have a good time installing the new gear. He loves this loom - it's like a great big Lego toy! Take it apart, put it back together...what fun!

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BVertner said...

Sorry you have to spend time on the highway instead of weaving. Your weaving is exquisite. Instead of weaving, I am sitting here with my AVL hand controlled e-lift sitting on the floor beside me. Three days of head scratching and reading the instructions, comparing pictures and still not operational. I will have to ask AVL for a home visit. Weaving nourishes my soul so I am wanning. Be happy.