Friday, July 08, 2011

Looking into the Cristal Ball

Blue Bayou is on its way to the Netherlands, where Margreet will give it a happy home. She also wants a Woven Portrait, but there's more tinkering to do with the image so it will be as wonderful woven as it deserves. You'll see it in progress sometime later in the summer.

I'm still threading the mixed silk warp on the dobby loom, but while I accomplish that fairly mindless task, I can plan ahead. Mind you, I still haven't put a new warp on the jacquard loom, but as usual, my plans for pieces to weave on the new configuration are way ahead of real life.

Right now, my top priority is scarves - I'll be exhibiting both scarves and wall pieces at the American Craft Council show in San Francisco in mid-August. I've got the Bellevue Art Museum ArtsFair before that in late July, where I'll only exhibit wall pieces. Because there's only 2 weeks between the two shows, and because I've got quite a good inventory of wall pieces now, I need to generate more scarf inventory for ACC before we leave for Bellevue.

That, of course, doesn't prevent me from planning ahead for new jacquard pieces. Here's one that was originally prepared for a 960-hook loom, and has now been reinvented for 1440:

As you can see from the color chips on the left side of the image, the piece will be woven with yellow, orange, and rust wefts. The color chip strip will be cropped off of the final version of the file, but are a handy tool during the process of making a layer for each color and assigning weaves to those layers.


Laura Fry said...

The image look positively radiant - will look forward to seeing it in process. :)

Connie Rose said...

Ditto Laura's comment!