Thursday, July 07, 2011

Warp is Beamed

I finished the 14th (of a planned 15) sections of mixed silks, and decided to stop there, as I'd used up all the blue remnants and most of the greens and purples, too. What was left in sufficient quantity wasn't varied enough to make a section that looks like it belongs next to the previous ones.

What is left (in less than 15-yard lengths) is a stack of nearly empty cones and spools:

These scraps will be used to repair knotted warps, and if there's any left I won't feel guilty sending them to my papermaker friend, who creates wonderful cast paper vessels and platters with small snippets of silk in the pulp.

There are still a few cones and spools of green and purple (I didn't want them to overwhelm the blue) which I will save for some other use. And a couple of cones of various blues will become weft.

This warp has taken an inordinate amount of time to beam, partly because it's very time-consuming to change out colors every few rounds on the warping wheel, and partly because we're having a hot spell, with daytime temps in the low 100s (F), and cooling down only into the 60s at night. The studio is on the second floor, and thus is hotter than the first floor (where we never need to turn on the air conditioning because it stays cool even on the hottest days).

Threading is next, but that should be quick and easy as it'll be a straight draw on 20 shafts.

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