Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On to the Next One

Crepe scarf #3 in progress. This 20-shaft draft is Oelsner figure 985, draft 34621:

This draft has some similarities to the first one I wove, but also some differences. The texture is deliciously crunchy. I chose to use an ice-blue weft of 60/2 silk, and none of the lycra blend at all - this will be highly textured but without gathers. It's amazing how quickly the weaving goes when I don't have to stop to change shuttles and tuck weft ends into the web :-)


Deb Mc said...

I used 4 shaft crepe out of Mastering Weaver structure on a painted warp and was really impressed by the different texture it gave the cloth plus it showed off the painted warp. It's definitely a keep tool and easy to weave. I plan to take it over to my 24 shaft to see how crepe works there.

Christine Spangler said...

I am in awe of how quickly you weave these. You just seem to zip right through them. I am sure it is more difficult than that and you spend a lot of hours on them, but I am very impressed with your output. Something to aim for for me.