Monday, July 18, 2011

More Crepe

Finished off the first crepe scarf and started the second. The weft for this one is periwinkle blue. It's another crepe draft (this 20-shaft draft is Oelsner figure #982, draft #9183).

Here's an overall shot:

Winding this warp was slow going, because I was using up leftovers and had to stop to tie knots whenever one cone ran out and I had to wind from another to finish a bout. That means weaving is also slow going, because of the same knots - I have to stop and swap in a length of another yarn sufficiently long to reach from the swap point to the end of the scarf. Other than that, it's going well - loom functioning perfectly, yarn strong enough I don't need to worry about broken ends, and no draw-in so there's no need for temple clamps that need moving forward every few inches.

When I finished scarf #1, I had about 20 yards left of the turquoise 60/2 weft, so I calculated the weft yardage pretty closely. The leftovers have gone into the stack of nearly empty cones and spools, from which I get the lengths to swap in for knot repair. Because it's a mixed warp in the first place, I don't worry overmuch about matching the colors of the knotted end and the repair end - nobody will ever notice!


Laura Fry said...

And so nice to use up odds and ends in the stash! ;)

neki desu said...

these mixed colored crepes are very nice.