Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleying the Reed

Lest you think that all I did yesterday was cause emotional stress in woodpeckers, "not so, dear readers."

After the cats came out from under the bed, having survived the noise, and after the woodpeckers indicated that they still felt comfortable in their abbreviated tree, things went back to normal (or as close to normal as this household gets).

Gracie was clingy for a few hours, needing reassurance that those evil wicked wielders of chainsaws would not be returning, but pretty soon she ventured out of doors and captured a small lizard to play with. Poor lizard - I rescued it, only to see her recapture it and bring it indoors again. "No, Gracie, no! Take your toy outside!" (Luckily, lizards are resilient, and soon recover from the indignity of being Gracie's temporary toys.)

The mixed silk warp is now sleyed, and tomorrow I'll tie it onto the apron rod and begin weaving. The thread size averages 50/2 (two ends of 100/2 used doubled) because what I had the most cones/spools of was 100/2 yarns originally used as weft. There were a few 30/2 and 60/2 yarns mixed in, just to add some texture to the final cloth.

In between sleying bouts of warp yarn, I put 3 skeins in dyepots. I already had some light ice blue 60/2, and some navy blue 60/2 silk. So there are skeins of turquoise, royal, and blue-violet waiting to be rinsed and dried. I know, more leftovers............

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Anonymous said...

We've had to separate Phoebus from his live mouse toys twice this week - not sure they are quite as robust as lizards, but as long as they stay outdoors I wish them luck.