Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crepe, Again

I wove a few inches on the mixed silk warp in plain weave. Didn't like it. A mixed warp, by nature, has a stripy effect. Plain weave doesn't do anything to obscure the stripes.

So, I went trolling in Oelsner, looking for something with very short floats but enough to give the cloth both a little texture and a little visual interest. Aha! Crepe, again - what else?

Among about 20 drafts I downloaded was Oelsner's #956 ('s draft #34589). To which I added 4 shots of 4-end broken twill at the end for the lycra blend yarn that will gather up the scarf horizontally.

Here's an overall view of the cloth:

And a closeup, in which you can see the diagonal lines formed by the structure:

I'm much happier. There's enough going on to distract the eye from the stripes in the warp, but not enough so that the pattern distracts from the colors of the warp.

The lycra blend yarn is somewhat darker than the turquoise silk weft, but once it has shrunk and gathered, it'll probably vanish altogether.

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neki desu said...

waiting for the wet finish.