Tuesday, August 30, 2011

And We're Weaving!

Not much to blog about, but there's been lots going on behind the scenes. DH helped fix some mechanical problems, I corrected a threading error (heddles out of order that prevented some hooks from rising when they should) and am working on warp tension issues.

The Pakistani yarn I'm using for warp is a little bit "sticky" or, at least, stickier than the mercerized cotton I'm used to. Each bout that is lashed onto the apron is only 24 threads, but I discovered that it is difficult to get all 24 to the same tension. There's been gnashing of teeth, and some blue air around the loom, caused by the fact that slack threads don't want to lift because they're stuck to their neighbors who aren't lifting.

Some plain weave, some 1/4 satin, some 2/3 satin, and a bit of a textured border effect so far, using up some bits of leftover yarn on pirns:

Also some draw-in, because there's not enough cloth yet for the temple rollers to grab. They'll be installed tomorrow, and the draw-in should disappear.

Not visually exciting, perhaps, but symbolic of a lot of work, and progress in the right direction.

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