Thursday, September 01, 2011

Getting Closer

Today's efforts involved more hardware adjustments (replacing hooks that repeatedly misbehaved, rethreading hooks that were threaded with the heddle eye backwards [my fault!]), but by the end of the adjustment phase, things were going well enough to start a sample of one of the "real" weavings on my agenda:

I'm still using scrap yarn of the wrong grist (leftovers of 20/2) so it will be necessary to weave a sample strip with the right grist (16/2) so I can determine the correct aspect ratio for this grist warp (16/2 mercerized cotton) at this sett (45 epi). Some very simple preliminary calculations indicate that I'll get fewer picks per inch than I was accustomed to with the old warp yarn at the old warp sett. So a sample will definitely be necessary.

In the meantime, preparations for a nearly 2 week holiday are in full swing. So the blog will probably be on hiatus for a while, as we don't expect to have cellphone voice service (much less cellphone data service) during the holiday.

If I can weave a small sample "real" piece tomorrow, that's great. If not, the loom will rest happily until we get back home.

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neki desu said...

have fun! rest, relax and enjoy.