Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beta Testing

For the past few [working] days, DH has been replacing the clips that attach the heddles to the hooks on the jacquard loom.

This is a beta test at the request of AVL. The clips are being replaced by something similar to a double-ended version of the snap swivels used in fishing gear.

The result is intended to be reduced the incidence of twisted hooks that cause hooks to catch on their neighbors and results in hook errors. DH is only replacing the clips on the outer two modules - the inner modules would be absolute misery to access, but the two outer ones can be removed from the loom frame relatively easily and hung on a warping frame mounted on a nearby wall. This makes access to the clips easier. But since they're less than 1 inch in height, and there are 120 of them in each module, it's still a fairly miserable process (if the swearing is any indication).

Quite a few of the swivels broke in the process, so now we're going to have to wait for AVL to send a handful more. I will begin tying on the warp for the original 8 modules while we wait.


Laura Fry said...

Sounds like the air has been blue at your studio too. Hope he gets it done without too much more difficulties. :)

Connie Rose said...

Holy Cow! So glad your DH can do this minute work for you. The photos are very interesting, graphically. Hope you're having a great week, glad ACC turned some profit for you. xo

neki desu said...

your husband is a saint!