Monday, August 15, 2011

Home From San Francisco

We got home from San Francisco this afternoon, just in time to unpack the van and feed hungry cats. Apparently the cat sitter feeds them much earlier than we do, and they were ready for dinner much earlier than usual.

Here are shots of the booth, taken just before the show opened on Friday.

Right after I snapped the photos, and before the crowd started to enter the building, there was a flurry of straightening the hangings and adjusting lighting to reduce "hot spots" on parts of the display.

There was a good crowd on Friday, fewer on Saturday, and fewer still on Sunday. San Franciscans don't like to spend a weekend of lovely weather indoors, and I can't blame them - it doesn't happen every weekend, especially in August, which is one of the coolest, foggiest months of the year.

Sales were okay, given the economy and the weather; at least, I paid the booth fee and made some profit beyond that.

Once I get the bookkeeping done, it's time to start tying on the jacquard warp. I'll tie on the warp ends that correspond to the original 8 modules, and thread the new modules from scratch. Thank heavens for the iPod!

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