Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Next Up

Here's the upper part of the Kruger girls, plus a top hem that will become the hanging pocket:

Today, I wove samples for two more Woven Portraits that have been waiting patiently in the queue. One is for my cousin in Seattle, the other is a charming wedding photo for Margreet, one of the readers of this blog. I wanted to check that the contrast levels were right, and that the aspect ratio using this yarn (16/2 mercerized cotton in both warp and weft) and this structure (10-end shaded satins) is correct.

Then I looked through my library of borders and hems, only to discover that I haven't got a bottom hem with signature in 10-end satins, nor have I got a top hem in any 10-end satin except plain 1/9 satin. I usually like to use a top hem with some sort of textured pattern to it, because it doesn't show hook errors as readily as a plain satin.

Now, after a little computer time, both files are ready for tomorrow's weaving session.

And for a little extra treat, here's a pointer to a really cool slideshow that the photo team on the Alaska trip organized. The ship is equipped with a Mac computer for passenger use, and a folder was created on the Mac's desktop, into which each passenger (and each member of the photo team and the naturalist team) was allowed to put his/her favorite 5 photos taken on the trip. Not everybody had access to photo editing software, and not everybody knew how to turn off the auto date and time on their camera, and not everybody is as good as the professionals, but hey! There are some real winners in it. Be patient, it might take a while to download the show before the movie will start playing. I think it requires QuickTime... Enjoy!

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Laura Fry said...

Ah yes, the prep time required before the shuttle can fly. Seems I need to go do some, too, and you tantalyse me with Alaska slide shows! :^)