Saturday, October 29, 2011

Open Studios, Again

The visitor count today was really low - maybe 20 people, counting the cross-the-street neighbor and her son-in-law and grandkids.

Fortunately, I had two things to keep me occupied. First, my friend Nancy Weber, spinner, knitter, and weaver extraordinaire, came to spend a few hours spinning in the studio, and ended up staying the whole afternoon. She would have participated in Open Studios at her home, but the home was only recently completed, and at the time of registration she wasn't sure she'd have a studio to open. So we demonstrated the entire where cloth comes from process by showing visitors how the yarn that weavers and knitters use is made, along with plenty of samples of woven and knitted cloth, and a working jacquard loom (hooray!). The spinning was as a big a hit with the aforementioned small neighbors as it was with other, grown-up, visitors.

Second, I worked on the threading project, and managed to finish the last warp end by dinnertime. Here is the threaded warp, all ready for sleying and lashing on to the apron rod tomorrow:


Alice said...

Sounds like a fun and productive day all around. And I'm intrigued by the arrangement of heddles showing on the tops of the shafts - an interesting threading, no doubt. May we see it?

neki desu said...

how's that for knowledge transfer!!
the color of the warp is gorgeous. logwood?