Friday, October 28, 2011

Threading, and Gearing Up for Another Open Studio Weekend

The studios will be open again this weekend, 10-5 both days. Do drop by if you're in the neighborhood.

I'll still be threading the dobby loom. Yesterday evening I finished beaming the last of the 19 sections, put lease sticks through the crosses on each section, and suspended the lease sticks behind the heddles; this meant that I'd be ready to start threading in the morning:

As of quitting time, I had threaded approximately 300 warp ends (nearly half):

I always take my time when beaming, threading, and sleying, because from experience I know that not only are those the most error-prone tasks, they're the most critical to creating quality cloth. If I mess something up during this phase, it'll haunt me for the entire warp. So if I seem to be slow to accomplish these tasks, it's for a good reason - my sanity!


Susan Harvey said...

Amen to that! I always take those steps slow as well. Its such a delight to find there's no errors and you can weave with confidence.

Well, you can with your fancy smancy machine! Me with my old fashioned treadles, I have to make sure I hit them all in the right order!

:) Susan

Laura Fry said...

And then there's brain blip - I grabbed the wrong reed today and now I have to completely re-sley my beige warp. :P~

Hope you have a great turn out for the open studio. I'll be at a craft fair at the U here. Keeping fingers crossed for good sales for everyone. :)