Sunday, November 06, 2011

Another Deluge

Sunday decided to be even more uncooperative than Friday. During Saturday night, the overhang sent so much water down onto the canopy roof that it collapsed altogether, and the whole booth was soaked by the time we got there on Sunday morning. I'll try to post a couple of photos of the carnage tomorrow - it was amazing just how much water can accumulate in a 10x10-foot space!

The organizer moved us inside, into the lobby of the Civic Center, where we were dry if not warm (a cold breeze blew in the entrance all day).

The bookkeeping is only preliminary and unofficial, but it appears that Saturday (our one sunny day) managed to make up for slow sales on Friday and Sunday, so overall it wasn't as dismal as feared.

However, I'm looking forward to getting home tomorrow, resting, and catching up on the weaving schedule!


Pat said...

What a catastrophe! And what a lot of extra work for you. I hope none of your work was damaged.
Pat Foster

neki desu said...

it's the end of the world really, delugging over here too

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like a nightmare. I'm tempted to add "of Biblical proportions" but I'm hoping it doesn't continue for another 39 days and nights... At least you'll be indoors if it does!