Tuesday, November 08, 2011

After the Storm

Monday, of course, was bright sun and clear skies for our drive home. Seems like we got caught by Murphy's Law again.

Dealing with Sunday's rain was no fun. Here's DH packing things up to move into a hallway inside the facility. You can't tell from this how wet everything is...

....but this is what most of the tables looked like:

And all the table drapes were soaked at the hems and the floor padding squished underfoot:

Fortunately, DH puts a good finish on his work, and the bowls that were positioned under the drips (and consequently filled with water) survived their bath. Some looked as if they'd need to be buffed and polished, but once they dried there's no indication of dulling or damage.

On a happier note, the little potted maple tree in the courtyard is advertising the changing seasons:


Connie Rose said...

Sorry you had a show from hell. I had many of them in my day. There was the time I packed up my car including two big boxes on the roof covered amply in plastic, and drove up my impossible-to-navigate-in-snow driveway and parked the car under a tree on the road for 3 days during a snowstorm, where I could get out on Friday morning before the Celebration of Craftswomen one year. When I got to S.F. and unloaded, everything in the boxes was soaked through. Oy!

Alice said...

Murphy's Law, indeed. Way back when, I had an ancient Peugeot that decided to leak transmission fluid every time I went to a show. It only did it late on Sunday nights, when I was headed home with a car full of stuff, and no service stations open. I'm glad none of your good stuff was damaged. Hope you have a better week.

neki desu said...

not fun :( thank the potted maple for the uplift.