Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cocobolo In the Dyepot

Cocobolo is a hardwood tree common in Central America. I've dyed silk and Tencel in the past using the sawdust and chips of the highland variety of cocobolo. Back in February of this year, I was gifted with a bag of sawdust and chips of the lowland variety, which has a redder cast to it than the highland type. The chips have been soaking in alcohol since then, and yesterday finally made it into a dyepot with some knitting wool, which will be given back to the woodturner who gave me the chips. The yarn is intended for a holiday gift for his daughter, who has visited the studio and was fascinated with the looms and also with the jars of soaking wood chips.

The color is similar to a rusty madder orange, not as brown as the highland cocobolo I've used in the past.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Sandra...gorgeous color!

Thank you for the comment about having dyed Tencel with it...I've been experimenting with (local) plants and ecodyeing this year; most often with cotton or linen (b/c it's almost impossible to find thrifted silk or pure wool.)
I've had pretty good luck, carefully mordanting, with the cotton but am yearning for some brighter colors and particularly the reds. :-)
So THANK YOU for this info-now I'm inspired to try and track down some cocobola...can you suggest the type and strength of alcohol?
(If I can find some and it works, I will email you pics of the results.)
Thanks again for sharing and btw, I LOVE your work. I totally admire someone with the vision and patience (as well as square footage-HAH) to weave.

Best wishes, Treena

Rebecca Mezoff said...

I've never heard of this dye. Can you post a color of the yarn when it is finished?