Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Woven Pieces Cut Off The Loom

I've only woven 3 or 4 pieces on this warp, but DH needed to have free access to the modules for some cable adjustments, so I cut off the woven pieces and tied off bouts in front of the reed:

I stitched the ends of two of the woven pieces and laid them out on the floor to photograph. They haven't been wet finished yet, and as Laura would say, "It isn't finished until it's wet finished." The pieces also need their hems turned up and stitched or interfacing applied. I suspect that at this size, they'll hang more evenly with interfacing.

Here's Margreet's wedding portrait (you may have seen bits and pieces of the weaving while it was on the loom):

And the Kruger girls:

The other pieces need some needle-woven repairs (the reason for the adjustments) so it'll be a few more days before I can post photos.

Both of these pieces were woven in 10-end shaded satins with a white weft on a black warp.


neki desu said...

bob kruger will be ecs tatic.

(there's a weird link in labels)

Alice said...

Great tonal range in the bw pieces. Your initial prep was obviously really good, and the 9 shades of gray don't hurt, either! And the aspect ratio is spot on. Beautiful portraits.