Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear United Parcel Service:


Today, the parcel I shipped to the Wayne Art Center in Pennsylvania was returned to me, with the message "Inadequate Packaging: Damaged in Shipment."

Thank heavens, the wall-hanging itself is undamaged. However, the hanging rod is another story:

I'll bet you didn't know that UPS has an elephant on staff to test the adequacy of their customer's packaging, did you?

It looks like a body builder did some exercises with it! Or, possibly, the UPS driver got it caught in a door? Or ???

In any case, DH has helped by quickly fabricating a replacement hanging rod, and I've pressed the hanging flat again, and tomorrow I'll take it back to UPS (in a more adequate package) and ask that they exercise more care this time. If they hadn't offered to waive the re-shipping charge, I'd have taken the package to FedEx instead...


neki desu said...

so what's an adequate pacakge? a safe box?
ups is not one of my favorite shippers.
thank goodnes for DH!

Trish at Tangled Threads said...

A few minutes ago a neighbour delivered a package UPS had dropped off at his address instead of ours. Sigh.

Laura Fry said...

Makes you wonder sometimes doesn't it? :(


debmcclintock said...

My 24 shaft AVL WDL was delivered with a metal rod impaled thru the box. We finally figured out the rod did not have anything to do with the loom. It belonged somewhere else. Fortunately the loom was not harmed and works beautifully. Somewhere, someone is still waiting for their metal rod to be delivered.