Monday, November 21, 2011

Designing Weavers

This year's Designing Weavers Exhibit & Sale was very exciting - full of wonderful textiles in a wonderfully wide variety of styles and techniques.

There were baskets ranging from miniature (Ann Tompkins) to medium (Fern Benson) to large (Brecia Kralovic-Logan):

In among Brecia's baskets were Una Walker's felted bags and lariat necklaces by Laura Lawrence, plus one of my jacquard weavings.

There were fiber jewelry (Rebecca Smith) and small-format tapestries (Rebecca again, and Debbie Schoenberger):

Michael Rohde's beautiful wedge-weave tapestries and tiny tapestry brooches and pendants:

And of course, racks and racks of garments, shawls, and scarves:

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neki desu said...

the tiny basket is a gem!