Monday, November 21, 2011

Found: Textiles While Traveling

The Marriott Courtyard, where I stayed for a couple of nights during the Designing Weavers Exhibit & Sale, has very interesting sheer drapes in the guest rooms. The cloth is pale gold, but the cloth is so sheer that the color doesn't really show unless the fabric is folded back on itself so you're seeing through multiple layers.

If the cloth were handmade, I'd say the artist used a shibori technique in combination with some sort of burnout to get the moire patterns. However, this is clearly commercial cloth (same drapery fabric in all the rooms - well, all the rooms I saw :-) ) so I've no idea how it was accomplished. Probably a printing process... I confess to spending a certain amount of time admiring and examining the effect.


Laura Fry said...

Some moire effects were originally done by embossing - perhaps that was how these were done?

neki desu said...

interesting fabric. agree w laura seems like roller embossing.