Tuesday, December 13, 2011

After KPFA

We had a reasonably good show; not a wonderful show, but a good one. At least the weather cooperated, unlike last year when it poured during both load-in and load-out. December in San Francisco is always iffy - it can rain, or it can be beautiful. This year, it was cool but sunny, i.e., beautiful.

We always have a double booth at the KPFA show - it costs less than a single booth at a big show like ACC, so there's plenty of room to spread out, and customers have room to move around.

KPFA is a listener-supported radio station in Berkeley, CA, and this is one of their main fund-raising efforts during the year. It's a good show, and a good cause.

The right part of the booth:

And the left part:

plus a closeup of some of DH's beautiful rolling pins:

These have been very popular. I'd guess that about half are sold to people who intend to use them in pastry making, and half to people who want them to decorate their kitchen counter. Doesn't matter - the rolling pins are fully functional, but also really gorgeous!

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neki desu said...

the rolling pins are gorgeous and so are the bowls.i'm not saying anything about the weaves bcse it's obvious:)