Monday, January 30, 2012


Okay, so I've caught another bug. I still have very low energy levels from the cough, so I'm not up to anything that requires much brainpower. Doodling is about as much as I can manage.

This particular bug is called Repper, an application for creating tiled images based on anything you import (jpg, png, bmp, etc.)

Following Alice's lead, I started with some very small tiles, suitable for copying into the liftplan for the 24-shaft dobby loom. In the course of several attempts, I managed to create a couple of crepe-like designs that may find their way onto the towel warp:

The first one uses 4-end twills; the second uses 5-end satin. Okay, all well and good - an interesting way to generate crepes. Fine, as far as it goes.

However, I think that Repper will become a very interesting part of my jacquard design toolkit! After mustering some brain cells, I imported part of this image of an ice cave (courtesy National Geographic Society):

In Repper, I created a single tile from just part of the image:

Then in Pshop, I doubled the tile and used a few filters to manipulate the image, and this is the result, indexed to 10 colors (4 shades of blue-violet, 5 shades of turquoise, plus black).

Kaleidascope Dreams. It might even make it onto the jacquard loom.


neki desu said...

woohoo!i love the kick those programs give to textiles.i personally use kaleider.

Ruth said...

Repper rules!