Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Getting Closer

The towel warp is now tied on and a few picks of waste yarn have been woven to help the process of debugging threading and sleying errors.

I didn't get too much accomplished yesterday - the local cinema has declared Tuesdays to be $5.00 days. What a steal! Not just matinees, but any showing during the day! Even in the luxury theatre in which there's a bar and First Class seating! Wow! We'll be spending Tuesday afternoons at the cinema more often!

What did we see? The American version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. We experienced the first volume as a book on tape during a trip to and from Montana. What a great voice reader! The 2nd and 3rd volumes we read as eBooks. Which Lisbeth do I prefer? I think Ms. Rapace in the Swedish version, by a very small margin. And which Michael? It's a toss-up. I like the Swedish actor, but Craig was very good too. The screenplay for the American version was more compact and to the point, where the Swedish version was closer to the book but spent time on unnecessary detail. I hope these film-makers intend to make films of volume 2 and 3, as well.

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Connie Rose said...

Thanks for the movie review. Look forward to seeing it.

Is it raining down there as much as it is up here?