Thursday, January 19, 2012

Towels Begun

I'm feeling a little under the weather (the 3-year-old twins in the family have started pre-school, and guess what - they bring all the germs home with them) but managed to weave for a short while today:

Above is the overall view, photo taken when I had woven only a few inches. And a closeup:

This design looks very Scandinavian to me; diamonds with various "fillings." The sleying is uneven (5,4 etc. in a 10-dent reed for an overall sett of 45 epi) so it is difficult to see the pattern clearly - if the threading units (20) matched the sleying units (18), all would be well visually. I have several variations on this tieup and treadling, and will try them all on this warp. I have a customer who *loves* Scandinavian designs, so I hope she's going to like this one.

It's from, btw...


Laura Fry said...

Pretty - love those fancy twills. :)

neki desu said...

treat yourself to hot tea and rest if you can. take care.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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