Thursday, March 29, 2012

And Again...

I made a quick overnight trip to Los Angeles for a meeting yesterday, and got home today just before noon. After several errands were accomplished, I managed to squeeze some time in the studio, and now the second ITAB weaving is just past the halfway mark.

Love the little center motif!

This image has much more of the orange-red yarn on the surface than the previous one (see this post, for example), but if you click the closeup, you'll be able to see that the fuchsia-pink is definitely there, and has an effect on the overall color blend in the piece.

Being a fairly realistic person, I know I'll only be able to finish this second piece before it is time to cut the cloth off the loom and take some photographs for the entry deadline. But I'm really enjoying these weavings based on an image of an earlier weaving, so I'll probably do a few more even after the deadline has passed.

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