Sunday, March 04, 2012

Big Sur

Late yesterday, I wove the test strip and then the first few inches of the Big Sur image.

In the test strip, the gold yarn in the logo looked kind of wimpy, so I'm trying an experiment with metallic thread, which I laid in along with the gold yarn, but only where the gold appears on the surface (the logo and the tops of the rocks where the sun strikes them). It's a challenge getting the metallic placed on top of the gold thread, but since the effect I'm after is a very subtle sparkle, it almost doesn't matter. In this closeup, if you click the image to display the full-size version, I think you can distinguish between the metallic and the gold.

It was a very slow process, so I'm relieved that the gold appears on the surface in only a few distinct areas.

Once I got past the logo (working at a snail's pace), things sped up to the usual tortoise-like speed of 3-shuttle weaving. Soon, I was treated to a view of the surging wave:

And then the spray where the wave has crashed on the rocks:

By quitting time, I was at the 1,000-pick mark. However, the remaining 500 or so picks will take a while, because that's where there are large areas of gold, which will need the metallic laid carefully (and slowly) in the shed.


Connie Rose said...

Gorgeous piece, Sandra!

neki desu said...

surf's up!