Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Couple of New Designs

Not just doodles, this time. I need to get going on a series of iconic California scenes for a special project (then hopefully sales through some of the high-end galleries at the coastal resort areas).

You've seen two in progress - the Monterey cypress at sunset, and the Joshua Tree at sunset. Next up will be the Channel Islands image (California's Santa Barbara Channel, not the English Channel) that I posted earlier.

One more in the pipeline is an image of cormorants and surf at Big Sur:

And probably the most iconic of all, the Golden Gate Bridge:

This one is based on a photo taken by my sister. She flew for PanAm and then United Airlines for many years, and because she lived north of the Gate, she commuted across the bridge on a regular basis. This was taken before dawn, from the point of land to the west of the bridge - you have to drive through a long tunnel, then a winding road out to the point, high above the water.

I'm hoping to feel up to weaving soon. I've been away from the loom far too long, but until I have some confidence that I can remember which order to throw shuttles, the only fiber activities have been knitting-related. Over the years, I've accumulated some yummy knitting yarns, so I spent time yesterday and today sorting them into projects, yarns grouped with patterns and bagged up ready to go. What I don't use will go to the guild raffle or some other good cause.

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Connie Rose said...

Stunning images, Sandra, especially the top one. Can't wait to see that woven...whenever you get to it. Sounds like January was a bit of a hibernation for many of us! Hope you have a restful weekend.