Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Glamour, Glitter, Glitz

The deadline the Complex Weavers exhibit Glamour, Glitter, Glitz has been extended to April 16, so there's still time to enter. You can find the prospectus and entry form on the CW home page. We'd like to have LOTS of entries, so get on it!

The exhibit will be shown in Long Beach in conjunction with Convergence, and again in the Washington D.C. area during the Complex Weavers Seminars in September.

I'm one of the jurors for the exhibit, along with Bhakti Ziek and Patrice George. We'll jury the entries, and then vote (along with the organizing committee) for award winners.

I've already entered one piece (a scarf in this series) for the juror's portion of the exhibit, which won't be judged, and am working on a second piece:

I've just reached the heel of one of the ballet slippers, and it'll be slow going for a while because the glittery thread (the spool in the smallest shuttle) has to be laid into the shed where the pink is on the surface. Inlay might be the epitome of slow cloth :>)

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