Friday, May 04, 2012

How Time flies

OMG! It's been an entire week since my last post, and I was here at home the entire time...

This was a week of paperwork and administrative chores: show applications, etc., none of which activities are especially exciting visually.

One of the applications was actually a re-application. The county's Open Studios event in October is put together by ARTS Obispo, the main arts promotion organization in the county. San Luis Obispo is all of 15 miles away, but those 15 miles include a 1,500 grade so I usually try to avoid driving to SLO unless I'm combining multiple errands, in the interest of saving gas. The Open Studios applications (and fee, no small matter at $350 for 2 of us) was originally due on April 25. On April 23, I dutifully mailed the applications, with a check and a CD of images to go into the catalog. Naturally, the deadline was extended because so many other artists were late, but by April 30 ARTS Obispo still had not received the application. Hmmm Seven days, 15 miles - you do the math. "Houston, we have a problem."

So on Monday, April 30, I made copies of the application, wrote another check, burned another CD, and made another trip to the Post Office. The woman behind the counter remembered the first package, and asked if ARTS Obispo had asked their Post Office to look behind the counter. Since there was a deadline involved, she thought, there was probably a post box overflow, and the overflow went into some secondary storage area. They had, and found nothing, but in any case, I still needed to get the application into the proper hands. That's two sets of postage, two CDs, two trips to my Post Office - I might as well have driven over there. Arghhh!

Fortunately, the second attempt worked - ARTS Obispo has received the package and officially welcomed us to the ranks of the Open Studios event. Now all I have to do is go to the bank and have them issue a stop-payment order on the first check, just in case it does finally arrive.

The other major task this week was to do my share of the jurying for the Complex Weavers' exhibit that will be showing in Long Beach during Convergence, and again in DC during the CW Seminars. That was a lot of fun, not least because the quality of the entries was very high. I can't really say anything else about it, but if you attend Convergence or the CW Seminars, you MUST see the exhibit - it'll be terrific.

The only visuals I've got for you are the few skeins that managed to find their way into dyepots this week, and will be used for a coastal image with sea, sand, and foliage:

And the jacquard loom, with the warp tied back onto the apron, just waiting for me to start weaving:

That's it. Stay tuned.


Laura Fry said...

Oh yes, the administrivia that simply must be done to keep on going. I've been doing show apps etc., too. :)


Connie Rose said...

That's a really steep fee for Open Studios, even with two of you. I hope a lot of folks visit your studios and buy lots of art! I fondly remember that grade north of SLO -- especially the time I was moving from L.A. to Santa Cruz and had my little old Volkswagen loaded to the gills! Have a great weekend.