Saturday, May 05, 2012

Studio Time

Finally. Seems like a week since I even set foot in the studio. Today, I got a full afternoon.

Rather than indulge myself on the jacquard, for which I've got 4 images queued up, I sat down at the dobby loom and began a new towel (remember them?).

"And just what is that?" you might well ask. I've been perusing Alice's new monograph on designing crepe structures, and trying out several of the methods. Here's the draft:

Crepe is all about texture, so it will be very interesting to see what this one does. My draft began as a 10-by-10-pixel square, in which I put a simple 3-color graphic. The 3 colors became a 1/4 satin, a 4/1 satin and a 2/3 satin. The 10-x-10 was pasted into the lower left quadrant of a 20-x-20 blank canvas, and then the square was successively rotated 90 degrees and pasted into each of the upper left, upper right, and lower right quadrants.

We won't see how it behaves when wet-finished for a while, because there are many more towels (and many more crepe - and other - designs) to be woven before I reach the end of the warp. Be patient.

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neki desu said...

bitten by the crepe bug i see:)