Monday, May 07, 2012

The Next Towel

Don't even ask what number it is; I've no idea. It's been much too long since I wove on the dobby loom, and I would need to unroll the cloth storage beam to count, and that's too much trouble. So "next" it is. I'll know when I get to the end of the warp.

This one is a sort of plaited twill design, although if you examine the draft closely, you'll see that while the dark stripes are weaving an "over one, under three" pattern, the light stripes are weaving an "over three, under one" pattern. Most plaited twills are of the "over one, under one" variety, so this one is a bit off-kilter.

Of course, just to keep it confusing, in the weave itself the values are reversed from the draft - the warp is light and the weft is dark, unlike the draft which follows the usual convention of dark warp and light weft.

BTW, this is another draft from I can always find something interesting to weave there when what I've got is a straight draw threading. No shortage of fun drafts in any number of shafts you might want!


Laura Fry said...

Nice - I like these sorts of optical illusions. :)


neki desu said...

that would also look nice in the lime green yarn you showed previously.