Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of Bumpers and Knees

Today saw more progress on the Woven Portrait of Carolyn. These photos are out of order chronologically, but they show the weaving grow in logical order:

In between the times these two photos were taken, DH removed module 2 (which meant unfastening each of the 120 tiny clips that connect the hooks to their heddles) and made some modifications to correct the vertical alignment of the hooks. Which was probably the root cause of the problems with the hooks on that module.

That done, he remounted the module and we reconnected each of those tiny clips, and then checked to be sure they were all in the proper order (a few weren't, and had to be unfastened and then refastened in the right order) and then I treadled some 1/4 satin, which makes it easy to spot hooks in the wrong position. After that, I wove 200 picks of the portrait just to be sure, and declared it fixed.

Temporarily fixed. AVL was consulted along the way, and they've recommended changing out all the tiny clips and replacing them with swivels. You can see the pieces I'm talking about in this post.

However, I want to get this piece woven before we undertake any more modifications to the loom, since the woman who commissioned it would like it before the end of June.

Fingers crossed!

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Laura Fry said...

Had an OMG moment today when I realized that *tomorrow* is June! :O