Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Day, Another Towel

I've lost count, so please don't ask "How many have you woven on this warp?" I'll only know where I am in the sequence when the knots at the ends of the warp bouts begin to show on the sectional beam.

Yes, folks, this is still the same old green towel warp that I began winding in January. I guess I must have been having too much fun with the jacquard loom, since it's taken 6 months to get partway through the towel warp...

Here's the draft of the current towel, another of the gems to be found on

And a photo of the cloth on the loom (if you click the image you can see more detail):

After completing this towel and its hem, I had time to weave the hem of the next towel, and a couple of inches of the cloth. By that time the camera was nowhere near the loom, so I'll only show you the draft. The photo of the cloth itself will have to wait until I get back from Southern California, where I'll spend a couple of days at Convergence and then a day gallery-sitting at the Designing Weavers exhibit in Camarillo.

The odd thing about this draft is how little the cloth resembles the draft. I expected vertical stripes, but there's more going on than mere stripes. Stay tuned for a photo!

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neki desu said...

a 6 month warp. why does it sound familiar? is it bcse i've lived there? ;)